Ways to Get Rid of Acne

Ways to Get Rid of Acne

get-rid-of-250It would be pretty safe to say that there is a wide and sometimes bewildering array of ways to get rid of acne floating all over the internet.

So on this page let’s cut through that mostly well meaning but ultimately flawed information by getting to the real stuff.

Even the most basic understanding of the ways in which acne occurs in the first place will lead you to an undeniable conclusion:

Any acne treatment program that approaches getting rid of acne from a topical (external) standpoint will fail.

Sorry to burst that bubble but it’s just simple logic!

By topical I mean any of the creams and lotions or potions that you apply externally with the idea that you will get rid of acne by just treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Even the best solutions like this can only ease the discomfort of a breakout and speed recovery. They cannot get rid of it because they do not address the ways in which it is caused in the first place.

This holds true for any of the countless home remedies that again, address the condition as it exists on the skin.

These ways to get rid of acne generally break down into three main categories:

Natural Disinfectants

Under this heading comes tea tree oil, cinnamon, clove oil, garlic and a whole range of over the counter preparations. Regardless of the product they are all totally ineffective in preventing acne in the first place and are only minimally effective in the condition continuing once started.

The bacteria present on the skin naturally that leads to the infection of the blocked skin pores can easily resist these products and can even resist many forms of antibiotic. At best their only use would be to reduce the possibility of further infection on the face.


Here we have the acidic products like vinegar and lemon juice as well as countless other mildly abrasive substances for washing the skin. The idea here is that by exfoliating regularly the pores will remain open and unblocked and so infections are less likely. The end product being no more acne.

Well this is a kind of yes and no situation.

At best this will keep the openings of the pores relatively obstruction free but unfortunately the main cause of the tiny plugs that form to block them is not dead surface skin. It is actually the sebum (oil) that comes into contact with the air and dries.

At worst these products can irritate the skin even further and make matters worse.

Clearing / Soothing Products

These are products that are usually promoted as possible cures by treating existing acne. Now look at that logically.

How can these products stop acne if they are not applicable until you actually have acne! It doesn’t make sense!

Yes, products containing aloe vera or even tea tree oil have a cooling effect on the skin that reduces discomfort and for that they are effective.

Many others have trace amounts of alcohol in them to achieve the same soothing sensation BUT they cannot be considered as ways to get rid of acne.

All they can be looked upon as is ways to alleviate the discomfort of existing acne and reduce your chances of the current outbreak spreading further.

Real Solutions

Any real system to get rid of acne would have to isolate the actual cause of it in the first place.

The key to this is understanding that either diet, stress, hormones, genetic factors or a combination of all of them is where to begin the search.

It would then have to outline a procedure to address each of these points individually and as a group so as to be certain to cover all of them as they apply to you.

Quite simply put this is what is known as a holistic (whole) approach. And the best holistic acne treatment program on the market today is the Acne No More program. This is the program I recommend because of its no-nonsense approach to what is an internal problem that results in external symptoms.

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