Cure Acne

Cure Acne

cure-acne-250A simple search on the Internet for the term, acne cure, can give you a very good overview of exactly where the subject is today.

The majority of the results you will get and the majority of the advice they offer on an how to cure acne is mostly connected to doing something to your skin.

It always amazes me that in this day and age the biggest and best products that are still being heavily promoted as cures for acne involve washing, scrubbing, disinfecting or by some means pounding away at your skin.

If you take even the slightest look at the real causes of acne it is quite obvious that although acne shows itself on the skin, it is not in itself, a skin problem.

There are the usual arguments that acne is caused by bacteria on the skin and that bacteria infects the pores resulting in acne. Well the truth of that is that everyone has acne causing bacteria on their skin and if you go outside and take a look, you will notice that not everyone has acne.

There is the theory that acne is cased by blocked pores from either an over-production of oils on the skin or from dead skin cells. Based on that theory you are sold an endless stream of products that claim to keep your pores unblocked.

At no time do they even get into the question as to why those pores are blocked in the first place! Why do you have these strangely defective pores that can’t seem to keep themselves unblocked?!

Natural Acne Cures

The list of reasons why you have acne put out by these sources just goes on and on yet all any of them ever offer is to provide relief or faster healing for an existing acne outbreak.

To me, that is not a true acne cure. An acne cure treatment would be a treatment that actually gets to the root cause of why acne occurs in the first place and deals with it at the source.

It would be a natural acne cure that seeks to balance or correct whatever it is in your body that is causing the pores to get blocked and infected. An acne treatment that addresses why you are prone to infection or to over production of oils on the skin or any of the other “reasons” you have acne.

I say a natural acne treatment because as it stands today the only acne cures offered by the medical profession are artificial hormone treatments, anti-biotics or drug treatments that can have some pretty serious side effects. Umm… no thanks!

Throughout this site you will find countless references to the connection between, diet, hormones and stress as being the main triggers of acne. In fact just about any source of information about acne cures or causes of acne will mention these factors.

The difference is that most places offering a cure for acne have no product or technique to offer you that can deal with these root causes. Instead they emphasize the skin treatments or drug treatments they have because… it’s all they have!

On this site I recommend a small number of natural acne treatment systems. You can see the list here for what I believe ot be the best acne treatments… but!

The product I most often recommend and the product with the most positive reader feedback from this site is the Acne No More Program. It is a natural acne treatment program that achieves it’s success because it attacks the causes of acne, not the symptoms.

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