The Best Acne Treatment Programs Reviewed and Compared

The Best Acne Treatment Programs Reviewed and Compared


adult acne treatmentWhen it comes to recommending the best ace treatment program it is important to understand that I am making this recommendation based on two important factors.

The first of the factors I mentioned at the beginning is that the the program itself aligns completely with everything that I have written on the subject of acne elsewhere on this site.

Most importantly that it recognises that although acne presents itself very clearly on the skin it is not in itself necessarily a skin problem.

Let’s face it, if acne was just a skin problem then the multimillion dollar skincare industry would be getting better results than they are!

Yes, there are steps you can take to care for acne affected skin and these are things you should be doing but the best acne treatment program should go a lot deeper than that.

It should be addressing the cause of the problem and not the symptoms.

The second reason I have for recommending this particular product is based purely on user feedback over a period of many years now. is getting to be around 7 or 8 years old now and hundreds if not thousands of people have arrived here searching for an effective solution to their acne problem.

Over that space of time there have been a few products that have appeared here and then I have subsequently removed them.

The reason for this is simple.

When they appeared they seemed to be getting good results for a few people.

They were “disappeared” (by me!) when over time it turned out they were not getting CONSISTENT results for the majority of people.

Through past experience I have learned that there really is no 100% certain method for getting rid of acne due to the enormous range of factors involved in causing it in the first place.

So as it stands today there is only one product left that has stood the test of time and has produced consistently good results for many, many people over a long period of time.

I really don’t see the point in recommending a product that “occasionally” or “sometimes” proves to be effective.

I am not stupid and neither are you!

So finally it has come down to this one last product, the Acne No More program.

#1. Top Acne Treatment Program:
Acne No More

The advantage that the Acne No More Program has it that it tackles the subject of acne from a personal perspective with an open mind to all possible causes in each persons case.

It is best described as a holistic program which simple means that it takes a “whole” approach rather than one which assumes a common problem or viewpoint on the subject.

Again, if you have read any other pages on this site and have gained a more complete understanding of how acne occurs in the first place then you should also understand that I recommend this one because it addresses those same issues directly.

The program was created and continues to be developed by a guy called Mike Walden a certified nutritionist and independent researcher who has achieved great success for his clients over the years.

In my opinion and in the opinion of thousands of others this is the best treatment method available today.

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Key Terms: Description
*Acne Program For the purposes of this site an acne program would be described as a specific non-medical routine or regime based on sound skin care and nutritional factors designed to bring about an eradication of an existing acne condition.

Included within this would be the assumption that such a “program” has a long term goal of preventing recurrences rather than dealing with an existing outbreak.

*Skin Care The subject of caring for the skin in some way that is influenced by factors relating to the existence of acne or the predisposition of the person to break out with acne.
*Acne Treatments Any action medical or non-medical that is designed in some way to deal with acne itself or the person’s tendency to suffer from acne.