Hormonal Acne and Possible Treatments

Hormonal Acne and Possible Treatments

Image for hormonal acne page.Many acne sufferers have questions about the effects of hormones on their condition, what the specific acne hormones are and an effective hormonal acne treatment, so let’s take a look at it here.

Hormonal Factors

The so-called acne hormones are a group of hormones called androgens of which testosterone is generally considered the main culprit in triggering outbreaks.

To keep this simple and understandable let’s just use the term androgen kind of generally from now on as I don’t want this to turn into a research paper!

The endocrine system in the body is that system that regulates all the functions of the body and it does that through the production of hormones.

The endocrine system has a number of glands in the body and their role is to produce the required hormones on cue.

Some commonly known endocrine glands include the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands that secrete hormones directly into the blood or lymph system.

Endocrine imbalances or disorders may produce too much or not enough hormonal activity at a given time resulting in an undesired condition within the body. The relationship of all of that to acne is simple.

The concept is that the endocrine system for whatever reason, produces an excess of androgens causing over-activity in the sebaceous glands. This in turn causes over-production of sebum in the skin pores resulting in pores clogging leading to outbreaks.

There are other hormonal factors at play here as well but it all gets too complex to really understand easily and defeats the purpose of getting a clear picture of the relationship that is important for you to understand. Androgens and acne.

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An Effective Hormonal Acne Treatment

A basic understanding that hormones have considerable influence on acne is all you really need to know… and of course, what treatment options are open to you.

The main problem here is that once again for you the person sufferering, the discussion begins to go around and around in circles on the same subjects.

We go from diet to emotional stress to hormones then to sugar around to oils over to sebum and on and on.

Let’s face it if androgens cause increased sebum resulting in acne then isn’t the real question, “What causes the androgens to go through the roof in the first place?”

Androgens are found in both sexes, although there are generally higher levels in men than women. Part of the reason why teenagers of both sexes have breakouts is that their bodies are producing androgens during puberty.

Whilst women do have androgen levels that need to be kept constant, their main hormones are estrogen and progesterone. When their androgen levels get too high, their oil glands start over-producing leading to breakouts of acne. This happens to women when they go through puberty, hit menopause, become pregnant, or menstruate.

That is why women seem to be susceptible to pimples for most of their lives and are more likely to seek treatment in adulthood than men.

What Causes the Imbalance?

This question gets to the very core of the problem in treating your situation because there is no one single cause.

Unfortunately medicos, witch doctors and snake oil salesmen profit handsomely from the “one cure” concept and not just in the area of hormonal acne! The modern viewpoint has been carefully molded for you to believe that you just take a pill and everything will be all right.

If you are at all thinking like this, then now would be a really good time to burst that bubble!

There are any number of things that could be at the root of your particular problem and blindly stabbing around in the dark to find it will get you nowhere.

Lifestyle choices, certain foods, antibiotics in the food chain, hormones in the food chain, stress levels, general fitness levels, residuals in the body of drugs, medicines and other environmental toxins… Well I could go on and on.

Any one, or a few or even all of these things may be the cause of YOUR ACNE because your situation is totally individual to YOU!

One of the major problems with modern medical treatments is that they are squarely aimed at symptoms and not causes.

Medical hormonal treatment is no different, they simply try to artificially create a balance without ever seeking to establish what caused that imbalance in the first place.

On this site there are only a few treatment programs listed. They are all good and all cover a range of possible causes and solutions.

However only one is what I would describe an “holistic” solution. By holistic I don’t mean you have to go out and hug a tree or sit underneath a crystal!

What that means is that the program explores ALL possible causes of your outbreaks from the beginning and from there helps you to narrow down to the real cause and the real solution to YOUR acne.

The program is called Acne No More and I highly recommend it for these very reasons.

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