Tips for Understanding and Getting Rid of Acne

acne-terms-250My idea in putting together this website is to help provide you with as much information as I can gather in one place on the subject of acne, its causes and how to get rid of it.

I believe that it is only through an understanding of what causes it can anyone then set about effectively getting rid of it. 

Separating the facts from the myths or the “well intentioned” but flawed advice that seems to be everywhere is really the only way you can begin to get a hold of the situation and finally work out how to get rid of acne forever.

So here’s what I think…

If you look at what the so-called “experts” in this field say about acne you begin to notice there are many different opinions and ideas on the subject.

This then leads to just as many, if not more, ideas and pieces of advice, information and even disagreement on a specific cause of the condition.

That results in even more disagreement and opinion on what would be an effective treatment for the majority of people THAT WORKS CONSISTENTLY to get rid of acne.

Finally, when those same “experts” start using big technical words that no-one can understand to explain the condition, that to me is a clear sign that they are going in circles themselves and getting further and further away from the real truth of the situation..

The sad reality is that a large number of cases just don’t respond to the range of treatments offered by the drug companies and doctors and even worse, the nasty side effects of using heavy medications long term often far outweigh any perceived benefit.

If that is you then keep reading.

 (Now having said all of the above, if you have a severe case and are in danger of developing secondary infections always getting medical advice in the first instance is a vital step to take.)

If you were to do a thorough search of the currently available information on how to get rid of of acne I think you would be quite surprised at what you find. Let me show you what I mean:

  • Some people say the condition is caused by bacteria on the skin that infects already blocked pores – yet anti-bacterial washes or even antibiotics often prove useless. Also, this doesn’t answer the question of why the pores became blocked in the first place.
  • Some say that the blocking of the pores by over-producing oil (sebum) and sweat glands is because of an incorrect diet – yet even huge changes in diet can also be ineffective.
  • Some say it is emotion or stress that causes the oil and sweat glands to produce too much sebum yet this offers no real solution other than… try to relax and be… Umm… less emotional!
  • Some say hormonal imbalances cause stress or, stress causes hormonal imbalances, or poor diet causes hormonal imbalances, or hormonal imbalances cause nutritional imbalances… and on and on we go!

The truth must lie somewhere in all of this but unfortunately because each person, company or group offering this information is ONLY pushing their own particular solution they remain blind to other solutions or a combination of solutions.

I have written a full summary of the causes of acne and the origin of the better known myths Here.

A more rounded and complete approach to getting rid of acne would make far more sense when you look at it logically.

There are articles here with information on how to get rid of acne, it’s treatment and it’s causes as well as reviews of some of the best treatment programs available.

Take a look around and I sincerely hope somewhere on this site there is an answer for you!

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