Some Natural Acne Remedies and Cures

Some Natural Acne Remedies and Cures

acne-remedies-250If you are persistently bothered by recurring acne outbreaks and tired of constant trips to the doctor at great expense then read on!

Whilst some people may experience a degree of success with prescription medications often the side effects or reactions caused by the medicine can be more of a problem than the acne itself.

Over the counter products similarly offer hope but again many find their condition hasn’t improved and in fact, some non-prescription creams and ointments can even make your condition worse.

Because most alternative natural acne treatments rarely result in any harmful side effects and are generally far less expensive than prescription medicine they can be well worth a try.

Usually for most people acne is the result of a hormonal imbalance – more on that here –  and unfortunately this may cause you to suffer from it beyond your teen years. In order to effectively treat your condition in the long term you need to choose a program that will not jeopardize your overall health in the process.

These are the exact reasons why I recommend the Acne No More program – you can read about that here.

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There are today, a wide range of natural remedies based on herbs that have at least shown themselves to be helpful in reducing the painful and embarrassing effects of acne. Some of the more common herbs being used in this way include: primrose, black cohosh, red clover, and wild yam.

These herbs are said to assist in creating a natural balance of estrogen and androgen in the body. An excess of androgen in the body has been identified as one of the sources of overproduction of sebum in the skin that leads to blocked pores then on to acne.

They can help improve your skin’s appearance by helping to eliminate infection and soothing inflamed areas of your skin.

Just take a trip to your local health store to check out the natural acne cures they have available. Look out for dandelion root, red peony, licorice and echinacea products as well as they are also popular natural acne remedies.

A number of dermatologists also maintain that acne is the result of a vitamin deficiency. This may very well be true and for you may be the cause of the hormonal imbalances that trigger the acne.

Some clinical research has also shown that a noticeable percentage of acne sufferers test positive for insufficient amounts of B Group vitamins in their systems and this deficiency may cause excess sebum production resulting in blocked pores. A general vitamin B supplement may be of help directly and may also help by reducing stress.

Natural acne treatments are generally quite safe but proceed with caution when trying any new type of treatment on your own. Talk to someone knowledgeable in the area such as a herbalist or an alternative medicine practitioner first to avoid any unnecessary reactions.

If you’re currently taking any type of prescription medication for illness make sure you discuss this with your physician or alternative medicine practitioner.

Of course this only serves to confirm that the root cause of your acne can really only be found by adopting a controlled program that covers all the possibilities. The Acne No More program is the only natural acne treatment program that takes all these factors into account.

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