Adult Acne Treatments

adult-acne-250If you are into your adult years and are continuing to suffer from acne outbreaks you will no doubt have been guided towards trying to find a specific “adult acne treatment.” After all you are not a teenager anymore so that makes sense right… wrong! Before we go any further here let’s at least get one thing clear. The concept that adult acne is somehow different to any other . . . → Continue reading: Adult Acne Treatments

Dealing With Back Acne

back-acne-250When anyone talks about back acne treatment they may also be referring to the treatment of acne appearing on the chest, upper arms and buttocks. Most people think of acne as occurring on the face, however many people also get outbreaks on the back and other areas of the body. The treatment of back acne is often referred to in many books and online resources as being somehow different . . . → Continue reading: Dealing With Back Acne

Tips for Teenage Acne Treatment

teen-acne-250Many parents worry about their children’s teenage acne, quite possibly as much as the teenagers themselves… if not more! Teenage acne is often viewed as an inevitable consequence of going through puberty but this is not necessarily true. What is true however, is that there is no difference of note between teenage outbreaks of acne and any other form of the condition. Although acne is commonly found in many . . . → Continue reading: Tips for Teenage Acne Treatment

Baby Acne Treatment

baby-acne-250When you imagine babies you are most likely imagining smooth, soft skin. Thankfully the majority of newborn babies arrive with smooth, flawless skin – but even with infants, skin problems can occur. Even though baby acne is something you don’t often hear about it is a real condition that most often presents around the two to three month period after birth. Baby acne is most often limited to the . . . → Continue reading: Baby Acne Treatment