Adult Acne Treatments

Adult Acne Treatments

adult-acne-250If you are into your adult years and are continuing to suffer from acne outbreaks you will no doubt have been guided towards trying to find a specific “adult acne treatment.”

After all you are not a teenager anymore so that makes sense right… wrong!

Before we go any further here let’s at least get one thing clear.

The concept that adult acne is somehow different to any other type is entirely false.

It is a marketing exercise designed to take a market that is defined by one overall condition, acne, and break it up into smaller groups.

By doing this the marketing and advertising divisions of the larger companies can target each segment of the market more effectively to sell their stuff.

The “adult” word is an excellent way to separate out a higher income bracket from the rest of the market and extract the most money from them because they are more likely to spend more.

Sad but true… why?

Very often it is the psychological strain of acne in an adult and finding an effective treatment that is the most difficult for people to deal with.

The ensuing loss of self esteem, loss of confidence and embarrassment can negatively impact all parts of the person’s life especially in the area of relationships and work.

People in this situation can become confused and desperate to find something to deal with the problem NOW! These are the perfect people to sell a solution to… even if the solution doesn’t really work!

The Truth vs. The Marketing

  • All acne, no matter what label you would like to attach to it, is just acne.
  • The condition shows itself on the skin but is not caused by the skin.
  • Acne is a symptom of an underlying problem.
  • Treating the symptoms of any problem can never get rid of the problem itself.
  • Treating acne, adult or otherwise, with any type of cleansing routine or topical product can only ever help healing or provide relief from discomfort.
  • The answer to a cure lies in identifying the cause or causes and dealing with them directly.

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The Key to Effective Adult Acne Treatments

Rather than go on and on here about all the technicalities that lead an adult to having acne I will just cover the highlights because the truth is that the causes are well known.

The hard part is finding a treatment routine that deals with your situation effectively.

Acne is quite simply caused by an imbalance of hormone levels within a certain group of hormone functions.

This little grouping deals mainly with the control of energy being used by the body so is affected by diet as well as other factors like stress.

It concerns the way the liver releases sugar into the bloodstream, how that sugar is monitored and balanced by the use of insulin and androgens (testosterone), how the insulin is dealt with and how this whole cycle is kept in balance.

More importantly, acne is a clear signal that somewhere within this part of the body’s normal routine there is something going wrong. You can click here or an explanation of the sugar, acne, insulin relationship in more detail on this site.

Even though acne can be very embarrassing, especially for adults, there are successful adult acne treatments available.

Very often the most difficult task is finding the right product or program that works best for you and that is why I recommend the Acne No More program.

It takes a holistic approach to your condition understanding that your solution may be totally different from the next person’s solution and only treatments that follow this pattern can possibly be successful.

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