Is There a Connection Between Sugar, Acne and Insulin?

Is There a Connection Between Sugar, Acne and Insulin?

Chart showing acne sugar insulin connection.In the interests of understanding any relationship between sugar and acne or insulin and acne we need to start with a very basic explanation of these factors at work within the body.

The first step is that we eat food and our bodies process that food with the ultimate goal of converting it into energy… right?

That energy has to be converted into a form that can be used effectively by being able to send it to where it is needed and also store it if there is low demand or an excess of energy created.

In our bodies this is done by the conversion of food into a specialized kind of sugar called glucose.

It is mainly produced in the liver and when required, it releases it into the bloodstream to supply energy.

Simple so far!

If there is too much glucose produced it is converted into another product called glycogen. In this form the glycogen can be stored in both the liver and muscle tissue for later use when it is needed.

If there is no space left to store any more glycogen it is converted into fat which subsequently gets stored… in just about all the places you really wish it wouldn’t!

When the body is working hard it first uses the available glucose in the bloodstream, then as that is becoming depleted, the glycogen is sent back to the liver for re-processing back into glucose then released into the bloodstream.

If this hard physical work continues then the stored fat is broken down and the liver turns that back into glucose and sends it out to be used.

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This all seems pretty straightforward so far right?

Ok, the question is how does the liver “know” when to release glucose, when to re-convert glycogen and when to start hitting the storage areas for some fat? What happens when there is too much sugar?

The answer to that is quite complex but simply put, it is through the actions of what is called the endocrine system. The endocrine system itself monitors nearly every function of the body and it does this through the use of hormones.

Hormones are like sensors and triggers, they sense what is happening and they trigger action.

For our purposes we are only interested in the whole energy, glucose, glycogen thing otherwise this will go on for days!

Let’s say the endocrine system senses that the glucose levels in the body are dropping during exercise. It sends a message to the liver to pump out some more and the liver does what it is told.

Actually the liver blindly does what it is told and keeps doing what it was told until it is told to stop. It just keeps pumping it out until the endocrine system now senses that there is an excess occurring!

In order to lower the levels back to normal the endocrine system tells the liver to stop and at the same time tells the pancreas to start producing INSULIN.

Insulin breaks down the glucose in the bloodstream and is sent out to compensate for the “too much sugar” situation.

The pancreas will keep doing what it was last told by the endocrine system until it it told to stop… because it is as stupid as the liver.

Now the glucose levels begin to drop again so the liver is told to release more… and around and around this process goes.

This whole system is very delicately balanced and is in a constant state of starting one thing and stopping another and starting something else then stopping yet another through the use of hormones.

In the end it achieves an overall balance by being in this constant state of adjustment and re-adjustment.

So Does Sugar Cause Acne?

Studies have clearly shown a connection exists between the consumption of sugar and the aggravation of acne. Why?

Take a look at what you just read above and think about it. There is a perfectly balanced natural system that is constantly monitoring your blood sugar levels using insulin and other hormones in normal amounts.

What do you think happens to that system when the body is fed pure sugar… not food, sugar?


There is no process of digestion, no conversion to the body’s natural form of sugar, simply an instant bang straight into the bloodstream of sucrose that sets alarm bells going off in all directions!

And Here Lies the Problem

There are many forms of sugar: sucrose from sugar cane, fructose from various fruits, lactose from cows milk and on and on. To the body they are all just sugar and as such are sent directly into the bloodstream.

Also when you eat any type of refined carbohydrates (white bread, white flour, white rice) it almost instantly has the same effect of sending your blood sugar levels up unnaturally high.

Your body has to try to get those levels down again so of course it begins to produce huge amounts of insulin to counteract the situation.

This is the source of insulin resistance due to the extreme high and low blood sugar levels being produced.

At the same time the insulin is being released, other male hormones get released to control the insulin.

It is the production and release of these male hormones as well as the insulin that completely sends your internal system into disarray.

The main side effect is that the skin responds to the presence of these hormones by over producing sebum and if you have searched for an answer to your acne anywhere at all you will be familiar with what happens next!

Pores get blocked, infection sets in, inflammation occurs… hello acne!

So from this you can see that the answer to the question of whether sugar causes acne is not a simple yes or no.

The real facts of the matter are that anything you take into your body that is either full of sugar or will instantly get converted to sugar will drive you insulin levels through the roof.

This can mean sugar itself, milk or most dairy products and refined white flour products. Anything that will elevate insulin levels will aggravate acne.

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