Home Remedy for Acne

Home Remedy for Acne

acne-home-remedies-250Acne Home Remedies

An awareness of what factors are the basic causes for or aggravation of acne are necessary for you to be able to treat your acne at home.

Wasting your time trying to avoid chocolate and oily foods are just the kind of myths that make acne home remedies difficult and often unsuccessful.

Of course a healthy diet is recommended but the truth is there is no single specific food that causes acne outbreaks alone.

Learning to separate the real facts from the old wives tales is unfortunately a skill you will have to learn when getting rid of acne.

Acne and Age

Acne can affect people of all age groups from infants to seniors. It is most often found in teenagers and young adults through the early twenties. After the age of about 25 years old the likelihood of a person developing acne or suffering from a continuation of acne drops dramatically.

The most widely accepted reason given for this is that it is due to hormonal disturbances within the body. That makes sense in itself but doesn’t really offer much hope for a treatment other than wait it out or hormone replacement therapy.

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Acne and Diet

The good news is that eating candy, oily food or chocolate in themselves do not cause acne. But before you race out of the house and hit the local fast food outlet or chocolate supplier this one comes with a word of common sense!

A well balance and healthy diet is probably one of the best acne home remedies you can invest in and sadly, that would not include a bunch of chocolate and tasty fried treats!

Just to care for your skin under normal circumstances your body needs lots of fresh vegetables (No! French fries or potato in any form is not what we mean when we say, “vegetables!”) as well as a little fresh fruit. This also has to be supplemented with drinking lots of water… and by water I mean water.

Acne from Stress and Emotional Upsets

Stress and emotional upsets have been identified by acne sufferers as causes for outbreaks to occur or continue. For just as long the medical profession has discounted this entirely or at least given little credence to it up until recently.


Because the medical profession is notoriously slow to accept information of any kind that comes from outside their own circles and which does not allow them to control the outcome. If they agree that stress seems to be a factor then they also must agree there is nothing within their field that can address it.

Anecdotal evidence clearly shows a relationship between emotional upsets, stress and acne. If this occurs for you look around your immediate environment for the source of that stress. Look for people or things that make you feel bad about yourself and get away from those things or people. Be especially watchful for those who say negative things about you, “for your own good.”

Acne and Skin Care

Acne is not the result of poor hygiene… full stop… no more to discuss. Anyone buying into this myth will tend towards harsh and often abrasive skin care routines that not only do nothing to prevent acne but tend to leave the skin even more prone to fresh outbreaks.

In this case ask a dermatologist for a suitably mild cleanser to suit your skin. You can see some suitable acne skin care products here.

Acne and Vitamin Supplements

Many acne cases may be related to a vitamin deficiencies in the body due to stress, hormones or poor diet. An improvement in diet may help in some case but for many, the imbalances have simply gone too far for the body to re-align itself without some help.

Adding some basic vitamin supplements such as Vitamins B5, A, C, E and D can often prove beneficial.

Acne and Exposure to Sunlight

Regular exposure to natural sunlight and fresh air is a healthy thing… right?

Well yes and no. One of the common myths regarding home acne remedies is the concept that somehow baking your skin in direct sunlight will dry out the acne… or something like that! I am not really certain myself what the idea is!

Moderate exposure to natural sunlight is is good for Vitamin D production in the body and that in turn is good for your skin. However roasting yourself for hours at the beach is not a good thing for any acne sufferer and should be avoided at all costs as it will most likely aggravate the condition.

Remember, the key word here is “moderate.”

Creating your own acne home remedy routine has at its root the need for you to be able to observe very closely for yourself what works, what doesn’t work, what causes a change for the better and strengthen that change. What causes a change for the worse and cut that one out.

There is no quick fix, miracle drug or magic bullet to cure your acne. Treating acne effectively often involves a variety of methods including dietary changes, proper skin care and relaxation techniques.

The best way to do this is with an established program that has already laid out a path for you that you can easily follow. That is why I recommend the Acne No More program.

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