Weekly Tips – The Pill, New Teeth and Antibacterial Soap

Weekly Tips – The Pill, New Teeth and Antibacterial Soap

Gonna Grow Me Some New Teeth!

I saw this one this week and I have to admit it sounds pretty cool! Apparently the drug Tideglusib has been showing some signs of success in the field of Alzheimer’s research in that it appears to have the ability to stimulate stem cells in an area and cause a resulting regeneration of that area. Of course its application to Alzheimer’s in pretty obvious in that the hope is the drug can cause this regeneration in the brain cells of sufferers. However a group of researchers at Kings College decided to test the properties on of all things mouse teeth. The reason is simple in that deep within the root of each tooth there are stems cells. They figured that perhaps if the drug could stimulate those stem cells teeth that have suffered decay could be encouraged to regenerate. As it turns out that is just what happened. They are now continuing the tests on to rats which have larger teeth but the good news is that perhaps in the not too distant future this may find application in humans.

Does The Birth Control Pill Cause Depression?

The hormonally based birth control pill system has been around for quite a while now and has been subject to extensive testing and data gathering.

Like most things in life the result information we have now regarding its use is not all bad and not all good!

Every now and then a report comes out about some awesome new benefit or some terrifying new side effect.

Check out the video below for a more considered understanding of this modern birth control method and its effects.

Coca-Cola in the Legal Hotseat

Can’t say that this one is in any way surprising but I am not convinced it will go the distance.

The backlash against the sugared beverage industry is sure to continue into 2017 and beyond and maybe, just maybe, attacking them through the legal process may be the way forward.

It is always interesting to note a new strategy like this because it is using the legal system not to attack them because of their products but to attack them on the points of their behaviour.

I for one will be watching this closely.

Given the fact that corporations have been treated with more and more equality under the law as “individuals” I wonder how far it will go before they are held to account for their actions in the same sense, as individuals.

Did the FDA Just Do Something Smart?

A good news story! Who would have thought!

A few months ago I think I did a bit of a blurb on the stupidity of antibacterial soaps.

Basically the gist of the blurb was that the idea of antibacterial soaps was a marketing ploy designed to add profit to the soap market by first of all introducing a non-existent problem and then swooping in to provide an answer to that problem.

This is an old business model that works over and over again so here is the “soap” one in a nutshell to bring you up to pace.

First of all we had people using soap to wash their bodies and hands.

Then we had the introduction of “body washes” and other soap free products resulting in a reduction in soap sales because they themselve were based on bad mouthing soap.

In order to still get the body wash sales AND get the soap sales back up they needed a problem to solve which could only be solved by soap… but wait, we already bad mouthed soap!.

The problem invented was the idea that our hands are covered in deadly bacteria and we are all going to die because soap does not KILL that bacteria.

Notice I said “KILL” because that is important.

Then we had the development of antibacterial soap to save us from the deadly bacteria… which up until then hadn’t actually killed us but that’s besides the point.

So then they pushed the emotional buttons noting that only an evil person would wish death upon their friends, family or children by exposing them to the presence of this deadly bacteria (the one that hadn’t killed us before).

So before too long we were all using antibacterial soap like good responsible and caring people as well as using body wash in the shower and it was all good… from the manufacturers point of view.

The only problem was that the antibacterial soap was pretty ineffective at killing bacteria and was a substance that was considered to be a bit dodgy by the FDA.

The other problem was that if you just washed your hands with normal soap, that soap REMOVED more bacteria than the antibacterial soap actually KILLED.

So you were pretty much ahead of the game in the first place.

To sort this out the FDA did something pretty smart… finally.

They just said to the manufacturers you have a year to produce studies to prove your point or we will just ban the additive used.

The manufacturers failed to do that so the triclosan got banned!

Crazy Info Out of Left Field – Eat Right, Don’t Get Diabetes!

I had to include the following article this week because it just made me laugh.

For so many years now the word from nutritionists and the medical profession has been pretty simple.

Just eat right and you won’t or at least will reduce the chances of dying early from some modern disease.

By “eat right” they mean a balanced diet and it is the same balanced diet with very few variations that has been around forever!

Heart disease, cancer and all sorts of stuff will have a far less chance of rearing it’s ugly head in your life if you just eat right.

So now despite having stated the screamingly obvious, on the Harvard blog they have added diabetes to the list although we should all know it was added to the list a long time ago!

Anyway the stats are in the article and surprise, surprise, if you eat right your chances of diabetes is way lower… who’d have thought!

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