Weekly Tips – Progress on Additives, Creatine for Teens and Clumsiness

Weekly Tips – Progress on Additives, Creatine for Teens and Clumsiness

Food Additive Progress

I haven’t added anything from Food Babe for a while now but I think her latest post is a good one for wrapping up the year.

Whilst it is easy to concentrate on the ongoing abuses in food production by the big food processor and manufacturers it is just as important to note the positive changes as they occur.

Sometimes it feels like an overwhelming battle to bring these people under control and stop behaving like animals!

But it is also important to stop and take stock of the changes that have been achieved in a move towards a safer and more common sense food supply.

Take a scan through the list and you will see that to some degree food manufacturers are being changes over time.

Maybe not as fast as we would like but when you look at it there have been some major moves created to our food and our children’s food better than it was.

How Does Alcohol Get You Drunk?

Whilst I would have to be the first to admit I love a good glass of wine with a great meal I have never really been a huge fan of alcohol in general.

Check out the video below for some exact science on why moderation really is the key to the consumption of alcohol.


I wanted to link to the article below on techniques for being less clumsy but first a little of my take on it. A lot of writing on the subject seems to take the view that clumsiness is the result of a lack of hand eye coordination.

I think that is just plain wrong.

The reason I say it is wrong is that because it doesn’t really open the door to a solution other than improve you hand eye coordination.

It’s like a doctor saying you are ill because of stress and that you need to be less stressed!

Not much hope there really.

I think inherent clumsiness is the result of poor mind-hand-eye coordination and nothing else.

The core reason people are clumsy is because they are not doing what they are doing while they are doing it.

It is a question of attention and the act of controlling attention.

Clumsiness occurs because the person is engaged in an action physically but their attention is either on something past or something future.

A lot of people talk about the act of being “in the moment” or “being present” and this is exactly what is going on here.

It is not some hugely technical or scientific thing it is just that the person is “not there” mentally and as a result mistakes and accidents happen.

So how to reduce it? Practice.

All you have to do is practice being here you are at the time your for extended periods of time and slowly you will gain the ability to remain mindful of your preset time actions and not be clumsy.

Some people call this meditation.

Creatine Danger for Teens

One of the disturbing trends that has continued over the years is the way in which teens who have been identified as potentially gifted athletes are handled.

Back in the day the teen in question would of course be mentored and trained intensely so as to bring out their pull potential.

However with the rampant professionalism that has come into sports and the huge amounts of money involved it has all taken a turn for the sinister.

When you have teens who have bodies that are still developing naturally and you try to introduce things that will speed up that process you just know it is a recipe for disaster.

Take the supplement creatine for example.

Most authorities are saying that for fully developed adults whose bodies are fully developed it seems to be perfectly OK.

However there is almost unanimous agreement that creatine may not be so good for developing bodies for the sole reason that science suggests it may interfere with other functions such as bone growth and strength and that given the total lack of data is is recommended not to give it to teens.

Yes clearly this message has not gotten through as you can see in the article linked below with a an enormous number of health food and nutrition stores recommending it to teen athletes as a supplement.

Some may argue that there are no studies saying it is unhealthy but there are no studies saying it is OK either.

This basically boils down to making a sale on the basis of a gamble that you can’t lose because it is someone else’s health you are dealing with.

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