Weekly Tips – Better Sleep, Handling Migraines Naturally and More

Weekly Tips – Better Sleep, Handling Migraines Naturally and More


“One of the most obvious signs of magnesium deficiency is sleep issues. People with low magnesium are prone to tossing and turning, leg cramps, muscle twitches, and that “ache all over” feeling when they try to get to sleep. In extreme cases, they develop restless leg syndrome.”


“Here is an introduction to the influence of hormones on migraines, along with ways to treat hormonally mediated migraines naturally.”


“The grades of students who slept seven hours each night during the exam period were nearly 10 percent higher than those of students who got less sleep. Students who extended their sleep duration from six to seven hours saw an average increase of 1.7 points (on a scale of 20) for each exam. And, yes, the researchers accounted for differences in the students’ study habits as well as their health and socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Skipping Breakfast

“The study found that eating or skipping breakfast did not affect weight loss one way or the other. But does it truly not matter if you bypass breakfast?”

Gluten Free Yogurt Parfait

Mens Health

“June is National Men’s Health Month, and it’s time to make a few changes because the little things you do — or don’t do — each day have a big impact on your health and wellbeing.”

Child Safety

“Children overheat three to five times faster than adults, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Even when it’s 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside, a vehicle can reach a life-threatening temperature within minutes.”

Peach Muffins

“Now that peaches are coming into season, I thought it would be fun for this month’s Almond Breeze recipe to feature my favorite juicy summer fruit. I’ve been loving peaches and nectarines lately – they’re great with plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese and some nuts for a healthy and quick breakfast.”

Bacon Dangers

“New research suggests that chemicals formed in foods cooked at high heat, called advanced glycation end products (AGEs), may set you up for memory and cognition problems later in life. “

Hold the Bacon…and the Fries

Holiday Weight Gain

“It took some finessing, but I finally learned to manage my weight while traveling, and on occasion, I’ll even drop a few pounds. Here, I—along with a few of my travel writing buddies—share insider tips on how to lose weight while traveling.”

Prevent Vacation Weight Gain

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